Cronicas: Seven Contemporary Mexican Artists Confront the Drug War

Marcla Rico, Untitled from Landscapes of Sinaloa, 2011

February 1 – March 9, 2013
1113 Vine Street, Houston, Texas

Featured ArtistsEdgardo Aragón (Oaxaca)
Miguel Aragón (Ciudad Juárez)
Jorge Arreola Barraza (Ciudad Juárez)
Fernando Brito (Culiacán)
Ivete Lucas (Monterrey)
Pedro Reyes (Culiacán)
Marcela Rico (Sinaloa)

Crónicas is a new multi-media exhibition focusing on a group of young Mexican artists’ creative and critical responses to their nation’s violent and protracted drug war.

The seven artists in the exhibition present unusual and provocative interpretations of the complex, multi-party conflict and the mass media’s response.They came of age amid a period of transition when relative peace was replaced by widespread violence as seven major cartels were vying for control over border crossings and supply lines, while fighting Mexican Federal police and military.

“The drug war has become part of the contemporary Mexican life,” says curator Jennifer Ward. “This artwork reflects this situation and the artists’ personal and familial histories before and during the war. Their work is critical of many aspects of the conflict, from the narcos themselves, to government policy and the media. There is also great humanity in the work, a search for the personal, memories of the past, beauty among the horror.”

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