LuzTranslation: Personal Photo Project by Keith Dannemiller

On his website, the photographer describes this current series as “color portraits of Mexicans from across the country and the social spectrum.”

Dannemiller’s photos are stunningly rich in color and visual impact – each a glimpse into the lives of these Mexican citizens.

With the immigration debate dominating the news and upcoming U.S. presidential elections, it’s refreshing to see Mexicans portrayed as ordinary humans struggling to carve out an existence for themselves – just like we all are, no matter what color or nationality.

Though not Mexican himself, Dannemiller does live in Mexico city. His familiarity with the culture and ability to relate to his subjects is clearly shown in the way each person seems to be at ease and trusting of the man behind the lens.

View more of “LuzTranslation” online.

PHOTO: Young woman training to be a boxer, 2006 Copyright © Keith Dannemiller

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