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The Mission

The Dodge & Burn blog seeks to establish a more inclusive history of photography, highlighting contributions to the medium by people within underrepresented cultures. The Dodge & Burn photography blog highlights those who are often “dodged” from the art scene and “burned” in art history: photographers of African, Asian, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander and Aleutian heritage, women photographers and works of photography about these and other indigenous communities of the world.

Previously titled Dodge & Burn: Diversity in Photography History, the blog is still concerned with representing a “diverse” selection of photographers yet it is strategically (re)dedicated to “decolonizing” the medium’s history and providing visual alternatives to its well-documented colonial gaze. Dodge & Burn seeks to show photo-based work that deconstructs ideas of “wildlife” landscapes, the stereotypical images of “tribe” and “race”, the denigrating mugshot, the hypersexualization of Black and Indigenous women plus other such examples of the historical violence and othering perpetuated by the camera.

Recurring content includes photographer interviews, profiles and features on trends and issues in contemporary photography. Dodge & Burn is maintained by it’s founder and editor, the photographer and writer Qiana Mestrich.

Photographer Interviews
Dodge & Burn is always looking for photographers to interview. If you’re interested, please send an email to admin[at]dodgeburnphoto[dot]com. I also welcome tips on any new photography shows, call for artists, etc.

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