TED Talks Video: Photographer Ryan Lobo Uses Camera to Show Empathy

In this TED Talks video with Ryan Lobo, the freelance photographer talks about his coverage of a Liberian war criminal’s plea for forgiveness, UN women peacekeepers who work with smiles and AK-47s plus the heroic feats of firefighters in the Delhi Fire Service.

Lobo says that over the years his faith in the power of storytelling has been tested but despite his doubts he ends the video with this profound comment:

“Sometimes focusing on what’s heroic, beautiful and dignified regardless of the context can help magnify these intangibles in 3 ways: in the protagonist of the story, in the audience and also in the storyteller. And that’s the power of storytelling. Focus on what’s dignified, courageous and beautiful and it grows.”

See more photography by Ryan Lobo and keep up with him on his blog.

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