America Ferrera Is My Hero

I got nothing but LOVE for this talented, brave and pioneering young woman. Why is it that the U.S. media and the Hollywood Hate Machine insists on making her into something she’s not? Is she more digestible if she’s thinner and more Anglo? Will her TV show’s ratings rocket more than they already have? The photo you’re seeing here is the upcoming October issue of Glamour magazine.

Yes Ladies, this obviously-doctored photo of America Ferrera will be hitting your newsstands soon. I’d say we should all boycott the mag and not buy it, but then again, there’s something almost destructive in that action because the more copies this month sells with America on the cover, the better the chances will be to have future Latinas gracing our glossies.

Read more sarcastic but painfully honest coverage of the America’s Glamour cover at Guanabee.

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