Reflections of “Us” by Robin McNeil

Beautiful greeting cards made by a former Federal special-agent and now stay-at-home Mom, Robin McNeil.

Excerpt from the website’s “About Us” page:

“ROU [Reflections of “Us”] was created to glorify real-life images of African Americans- to mirror the images of the people we know and love. We sometimes want to see somebody who looks like our large broad-back daddy when we tell him “You’re My Hero”. We wish to see our sweet grandmother’s face with her weathered features worn from so many years working in the sun. Her eyes filled with hope, encouragement and wonder when we tell someone “You can make it!” We yearn to see our daughters’ soft chocolate round faces with their full lips and broad noses smiling back at us when we wish them a ” Happy Birthday”.”

Order your own Reflections of “Us” greeting card via their website.

PHOTO: “The Apology 2”, Copyright Robin McNeil

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