Photographer Kimiko Yoshida’s Self Portraits as International Brides

Born in Tokyo, Japan but based in Europe since 1995, fine art photographer Kimiko Yoshida turns the lens on herself, dressing up in items from old and new world traditions as well as other objects like letters of the alphabet.

Central to her photographs is the theme of ethnicity and with the exception of her “Letters” series, most of Yoshida’s photographs portray her as a type of bride. For example, there’s the Cowrie Bride with Yoruba headdress, the Amazon Bride with exotic plummage, the Kabul Bride in a white burkha and many more…

I imagine that photographer/filmmaker Cindy Sherman is/was an influence Yoshida’s work. Beginning in the late 1970’s, Sherman used “herself as a vehicle for commentary on a variety of issues of the modern world.”

PHOTO: The El Dorado Bride (Gold Pectoral, Macaracas, Azuero, Panama, 1,100-500 before present; Nose & Neck Gold Ornaments, Moche, Peru, 1,900-1,700 before present; Gold Hair Ornament, Lambayeque, Peru, 1,100-900 before present). Self-portrait, 2005 – Copyright Kimiko Yoshida

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