Dodge & Burn Film: Hip-Hop Culture Continues to Influence Brazilian Youth

I’ve always loved Brazil: the language, the beautiful people, it’s slave history and how it has shaped the Brazilian culture/society/economy… Nowadays I’m fascinated with how the youth of Brazil are/have been using hip-hop as a way to express their struggles and uplift each other.

Last week I watched episodes from the “City of Men” US DVD release of the Brazilian television mini-series, a story of 2 young men (Laranjinha and Acerola) trying to keep their heads up and stay out of the trouble plaguing the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

In this series, after failing to keep a steady job, Laranjinha (aka MC Orange) discovers the hip-hop scene in Sao Paulo. Today I discovered “Antonia”, a film by Tata Amaral illustrating how 4 young women keep the Brazilian hip-hop torch aflame.

Movie synopsis:
On the outskirts of São Paulo, four black girls who have been singing together since young fight to fulfill their dream of making a living off their music. With their rap group “Antonia”, they find a manager and begin to put on shows in bars and parties. But, just as the dream seems to be coming true, their hopes are dashed by the daily events which accompany poverty, chauvinism and violence which threaten the group and place their friendship in jeopardy.

Watch the trailer below and visit the film’s website for more info.

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