PANAMANIAN Photographers!

During one of my frequent Google searches for Latin photographers I came across fellow Panamanian photographer Tito Herrera who actively works freelance for a variety of international publications and clients. Tito’s shots of Panama give an authentic view of its rich culture and heritage. Check out his site at www.titoherrera.com

Through Tito I came across another Panamanian, Francisco Barsallo, who is an aspiring conceptual, landscape and fashion photographer. You can check his work out at www.franciscobarsallo.com

Francisco has a great series called “Acting Life” (see image above) that look like they could almost be stills from a movie. Although each photo depicts a different scene, there’s a common thread (tragedy, pain, mourning?) running through these photos in the same way that the characters in the movies “Crash” and “Babel” were all interconnected. Francisco is truly a visionary and in my opinion this body of work can stand in competition with any of the fine art and documentary photos I’ve seen in Photo District News magazine. Bravo Francisco!

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