Postcode Criminals Collaboration Explores “Stop & Frisk” in Liverpool, UK and Brooklyn, NY

International Collaboration with Artist Dread Scott, Filmmaker Joan Kushner, and the youth from Liverpool, UK and Brownsville, Brooklyn.

POSTCODE CRIMINALS was inspired by the 1996 exchange between NY police chief William Bratton and his counterpart, Ray Mallon in the UK in concerns of enforcing the “Stop and Frisk” policy within both cities. Just last year, New York police has stopped 686,000 people as part of their zero tolerance strategy. Since then, both the youth in Liverpool and in New York are forced to endure prejudice and the constant fear of being criminalized based on the communities they live in. Over the course of several months, Kushner, Scott and the young adults of Brooklyn and Liverpool collaborated and exchanged their experiences through workshops exploring media including street photographs, video, and collages. The artworks capture how they’ve endured the inequality of “Stop & Frisk” both personally and as a community. 

The dialogue shared between the youths of both cities echoes the similarities of the two cities despite being oceans apart. Highlighting Stop and Search/Stop and Frisk through art and exhibitions creates a platform for public dialogue.

On view at Rush Arts Gallery through October 20, 2012.


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