Group Photo Exhibit: “Santiago de Cuba: ReBirth & Congas en la Calle”

Established in 2003, the McKenna Museum of African American Art, 2003 Carondelet St. (corner of St. Andrew Street), has not been open to the public since Hurricane Katrina. But that changes Saturday, with the opening from 6pm to 9 pm of the “Santiago de Cuba: ReBirth & Congas en la Calle,” exhibit, featuring photos by Christopher Porche West, Diana Sanchez, Frank Stewart, Gayle Shearer, L.J. Goldstein, Libby Nevinger, M. Delos Reyes and Nancy Collins.

The show, sponsored by CubaNOLA Arts Collective, focuses on the cultural parallels between New Orleans and Santiago de Cuba.

Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday, 11 am to 4pm. Exhibit continues through Feb. 23rd. Call (504) 586-7432.

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