Egyptian Photographer: Youssef Nabil

“Youssef Nabil grew up in a Cairo drenched in the golden age cinema of Hollywood on the Nile – a black and white film world in which he nostalgically recalls the glamour, ease, elegance and melodrama.

Nabil’s hand-painted black and white photos evoke the deliciously outmoded feel of photo-novels which accompanied the cinema at the time. Each portrait highlights the extraordinary character of his models which include distinguished artists, actors, singers and friends.”

I’ve always thought that hand-painting B&W photographs was a cute photo “trick” but Nabil’s work shows that it’s a truly valid artistic technique that he’s managed to use as his signature style.

Visit Youssef Nabil’s website.

Nabil’s next major exhibition will be at the Artparis Abu Dhabi Art Fair from November 27 – 29, 2007. This fair is the first annual international event dedicated to showcasing the work of modern and contemporary Middle Eastern artists.

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