Photographs of Tokyo at 2012 New York Photo Festival

TOKYO-GA will participate in The New York Photo Festival 2012, May 16-20th. In an act of global solidarity, TOKYO-GA will present for the first time a selection of Tokyo photographs by Japanese, American, and European photographers.

Copyright Haruna Kawanishi 

TOKYO-GA created an extensive photographic project: describing Tokyo Scapes by 100 Photographers. Tokyo reacts quickly to changes of the times; as the largest and most recognizable city in Japan it has become a site of unity. The idea for TOKYO-GA originated as an internal response to the devastating natural disasters that occurred in Japan in 2011. These events brought an awareness of the global connectedness of not just Japanese people, but all of humanity.

Copyright Hiroshi Yoda

Launched in 2011, the TOKYO-GA project aims to assemble a portfolio of photographs of Tokyo by 100 Japanese and international photographers as a sign of commitment to Japan and its future. It is also a presentation of new Contemporary Photography from Tokyo to the world.

Copyright Junpei Kato

Mrs. Naoko Ohta, commissioner of TOKYO-GA, founder and curator of this exhibition, Mrs. Corinne Tapia, Director of Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, edited the work exhibited for the New York Photo Festival. In addition to the exhibited works on the wall; an artist file, a presentation on iPad, and a lecture program from curators and participating artists are also planned. “Tokyo”, “New York”, “Photograph”, “Identity”, “City theory”… these keywords along with various aspects will be discussed through photographs as a common language.

The TOKYO-GA Exhibition at NYPH’12 will consist of 26 photographers and 53 photographs. The nominees are:

Navid BARATY/Renato D’AGOSTIN/James Whitlow DELANO/ Michel FRAPIER/ Taishi HIROKAWA /Naoki HONJO/ Gentaro ISHIZUKA /Junpei KATO /Haruna KAWANISHI/ Yasutaka KOJIMA /Ilse LEENDERS/Edward LEVINSON /Christopher MORRIS/ Mitsugu OHNISHI/ Koji ONAKA /Thomas PRIOR/ Takehito SATO / Tatsuya SHIMOHIRA / Vincent SOULIE/Jérémie SOUTEYRAT/Masayoshi SUKITA/ Takeshi SUMI / Yukinori TOKORO/Michael WOLF/Masami YAMAMOTO / Hiroshi YODA.

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