Breezeless: A Contemporary Japanese Photography Exhibit in New York, Post 2011 Tsunami

Haruna Kawanishi, Call Sign # 2, 2009

Sous Les Etoiles Gallery presents “Breezeless” an exhibition dedicated to Contemporary Japanese Photography running from June 23 – August 26, 2011.

This show is made possible with the collaboration of Gallery 21, Tokyo, a long time partner of Sous Les Etoiles Gallery and Oneaba, a large photography event organized for the first time outside Japan, during the New York Photo Festival in May 2011. “Breezeless” features Mikio Hasui, Taishi Hirokawa, Gentaro Ishizuka, Haruhi Fujii, Haruna Kawanishi, Kiiro, Chie Murakami and Takemi Saito.

Haruji Jujii, “les reves d’un oiseau solitaire” #1, 2009

“Breezeless” evokes a special relationship with nature and its cycles. Interestingly Taishi Hirokawa’s work visualizes the passage of time with an overwhelming sense of presence, while Mikio Hasui expresses the thoughts and judgments that shape the photographic process. Together, these two artists capture the essence of Tokyo through portraits of the city’s shrines and Meijro’s forests. Gentaro Ishizuka, shows us a new vision of Tokyo that reveals an essential ecological awareness while the suspension of time and latency draws us through the sublime atmosphere created by Kiiro, an emergent photographer.

Kiiro, Symphony #1, 2011

“Breezeless” also whispers and breathes mystery and imposes an intimate relationship with the viewer. In the dreamlike atmosphere of Haruhi Fujii, girls seem similar to birds, symbols of the fragility of our existence. Chie Murakami reveals the ambiguity of young girls adopting adult attitudes while Haruna Kawanishi introduces us to an allegorical and urban interpretation of Snow White. Finally, Takemi Saito describes with humor the eccentric adventures of a young girl.

Ten percent of the net profits will be donated to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund created by the Japan Society in New York.

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