Asian Women Photographers Showcase at the Angkor Photo Festival 2010

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Congratulations to these 15 Asian Women Photographers who will showcase their work at the Angkor Photo Festival 2010 to be held November 20-27, 2010 in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The show is curated by Yumi Goto.

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1. Shiho Fukada (Japan) – Project: “End of Labor Town: Dumping Ground of Old Men in Japan”

2. Tatiana Plotnikova (Russia) Project: “Alcohol Abuse” (ongoing)

3. Jean Chung (S.Korea) – Project: “Korea’s Forgotten Women: Comfort Women for US Army”

4. Rena Effendi (Azerbaijan) – Project: “Oil Village”

5. Poulomi Basu (India) – Project: “To Conquer Her Land”

6. Mery Agakhanyan (Armenia) – Project: “The Life of Peasants in Armenia”

7. Wenjing Wang (China) – Project: “Form and Home: Young Generation in Beijing”

8. Gali Tibbon (Israel) – Project: “Echoes of Christian Jerusalem”

9. Burcu Goknar (Turkey) – Project: “Night Shift”

10. Ore Huiying (Singapore) – Project: “We Are Farmers”

11. Isabelle Eshraghi (Iran) – “Project: Women of Isfahan, 10 Years Later 1996 – 2006”

12. Ying Ang (China) – Project: “The Heartland”

13. Mariam Amurvelashvili (Georgia) – Project: “Prison”

14. Saori Ninomiya (Japan) – Project: “Ano Basyo Kara: From That Place, The Voice of Being”

15. Suruchi Dumpawar (India) – Project: “Sites of Terror” (ongoing) 

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