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Mariachi Jemelos by Marco Antonio Torres

When I got my iPod as a gift from Mr. Man last year, I finally appreciated the magic of podcasts. They are my favorite learning tools to date and makes NYC subway rides bearable.

I was browsing for new podcasts the other day to compliment my current iTunes list and stumbled upon “The Candid Frame” – a bi-weekly podcast featuring interviews with emerging and established photographers.

Created by Ibarionex R. Perello, “The Candid Frame” podcasts are well produced pieces of audio cake. Having worked in the radio industry for almost 5 years, I’ve a newfound respect for audio production – it’s a tough job arranging elements/words to keep a listener captivated in the age of visual overload.

This morning I downloaded episode #55, an interview with educator, producer, media artist and consultant Marco Antonio Torres. Mexican-born Torres comes from a legacy of family photographers who owned several studios in Mexico City. He tells an interesting story of how it wasn’t until he left Mexico that he realized the lack of diversity/people of color amongst the photography ranks.

I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet because I’m savoring it and saving the rest for the train ride home. Here are just a few topics discussed in the Marco Antonio Torres interview:

– the disparity between the photographers and the documented

– how the digital revolution has brought photography to all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds

– pop culture references and how they affect the self esteem of young kids

Go ahead, give this podcast a listen. I guarantee Marco Antonio Torres will inspire you!

PHOTO: Jemelos, Copyright Marco Antonio Torres

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