Am I Late In Joing the Santogold Fanclub?

Music salvation comes in the form of Santogold, just when I was getting tired of my tunes. Her voice reminds me of Tegan and Sara and she’s been compared to M.I.A. but according to Wikipedia, homegirl Santogold (as Mr. Man would say) ain’t new to this, she’s true to this.

She’s a Wesleyan graduate, former Epic Records A&R rep, songwriter for pop stars like Lily Allen & Ashlee Simpson… and for the record, she doesn’t like R&B music.

To me she’s a fresh dose of “culture mash” needed in the music scene to break the social and cultural stereotypes that prevent true artists from getting play. I love how she rocks gold “door knockers” a la old school Black fly girl and belts out tunes like a New Wave queen.

VIDEO: “Lights Out” by Santogold

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