Photo Project: Dulce Pinzón’s “Multiracial”

This project consists of a series of 16 color portraits of people of mixed ethnic origin in front of primary color backgrounds. The images challenge the concept of race by highlighting the disparity between the stark natural boundaries between the primary colors, and the ambiguous and artificial, yet commonly accepted boundaries between the different races. This project asks the viewer to question the existence of race in nature.

The aim of the portraits is to strip our idea of race down to its elements. It is in this nakedness that the viewer watches the races literally dissolve in front of their face like so many moth-eaten clothes. The tone is neither confrontational nor ironic, but rather unassuming in its directness.
The portraits have an intimacy which allow the viewer to confront this disparity without sacrificing the humanity of the subjects.

This project was made possible by a grant from the Mexican National Fund for Art and Culture (FONCA)

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PHOTO: Copyright, Dulce Pinzón

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