Photographer Atta Kim, Questioning Human Existence

Excerpt from the Korea Times article by Cathy Rose A. Garcia:

“Photographer Atta Kim believes that “all that exists will eventually disappear.” A photograph is meant to capture an image, but Kim is interested in taking photographs that show how objects and humans disappear.

The photographs, on display at Kim’s solo exhibition “ON-AIR” at the Rodin Gallery, explore his philosophy of human existence.

“I began with the core concept that every single existing being in the universe will eventually disappear. I tried to compare this concept to the nature of photography, which tends to record and remember everything. I have used two types of processes to realize this comparison: one is to employ very long exposures to make all the moving objects within a scene disappear. The other is to digitally superimpose many different images so that they are subsumed within a new, composite image,” Kim said, in the exhibition catalogue.”

Read the full article.

See more of Atta Kim’s work online at the Yossi Milo Gallery.

PHOTO: Photographer Atta Kim poses in front of his work “The Last Supper” at the Rodin Gallery. / Courtesy of Rodin Gallery

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