Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

In honor of today’s celebration, I thought I might profile just a few of the many past and present talented Chinese photographers. They all blaze a hot trail for future shutterbugs…

Don Hong-Oai‘s photography follows classic Chinese imagery.

Quentin features some slick, commercial photography.

– For the fine artist in you, peep the work of Rong Rong. Read a book review on his East Village project.

– NYC based photographer Shen Wei uses natural light to its fullest in his “Almost Naked” project.

Also check out this event:

FOTOFEST2008 – Exhibitions

Photography from China, 1934 – 2008
March 7 – April 20, 2008

FOTOFEST2008 focuses on one of the most compelling cultural, political, and economic phenomena of the contemporary world – China and its transformation.

PHOTO: Pine Peak, Copyright © Don Hong-Oai, 2001, All Rights Reserved

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