The Best of 2010

From the bottom of my heart I want to THANK YOU all for your support and readership this year. I hope this blog will remain a resource for you and the photographic community at large.

This year has personally been filled with highs and lows but I continue to be blessed with the ability to gain the trust of photographers who want to share their experiences with me and you.

Here are my favorite quotes from each of the 2010 Photographer Interviews published on D&B:

  • “Be patient, the pictures are waiting to be made just as much as you want to create them.” – Manjari Sharma
  • “The creativity is there. You got to dig deep.” – Neil John Smith
  • “I have just been blessed to have such talented photographers help me. So I also give back to anyone who wants to learn.” – Michael Lopez
  • “[Photography is] all about creating things the way you see them, and not the way you think other people are going to want to see them.” – Alex Vazquez
  • “I have always thought of my career in terms of longevity. Over the years I have diversified my experiences into the fields of advertising, publishing, teaching, exhibitions, journalism, and consulting.” – Lauri Lyons
  • “I hope to give voice to minority artists that are dealing with similar issues of hybrid cultural identity through their own personal history – of belonging to and embodying multiple cultures but fitting into neither one completely.” – Priya Kambli
  • “Licensing and the value of Copyright – it’s a lesson in survival.” – Sinden Collier
  • “Photography is a funny thing because you’re put out there for people to judge – the real “you”, the what’s-going-on-in-your-head you. People will either like you or they won’t. But, that “you” changes.” – Michelle Nolan
  • “I have struggled with the realization that art making is a business and sometimes it is necessary to state yourself clearly, make your voice heard and stand up for what you want and deserve.” – Justine Reyes
  • “I view photography as a language. Many people may speak the same language, but there are many different dialects and intonations. Everyone has something to say, a way of expressing themselves, and I believe each has a place at the table.” – Ocean Morisset

In 2011, Dodge & Burn will continue with the Photographer Interviews – some are already in the works like Albert Chong, Camille Seaman, DeAndrea DaCosta, Eli Reed and more.

Next year will also introduce Student Photographer Interviews to profile young, photographic talent that will be shaping the future of image-making… so stay tuned!

As many of you know, photography is my first love but with a career as an SEO (and now a Mom 🙂 I rely on this blog to keep the fires of my passion lit until I can focus on it full-time.

Some of my personal accomplishments this year include:

As always I welcome your feedback, so please post in the Comments below your ideas or thoughts on how I can make Dodge & Burn better for you.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!

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