Video: The Docks aka “Tiger Bay” by Clement Cooper

Last week photographer Clement Cooper sent me this video via Facebook. It features still photographs taken by Cooper in 1995 when he was in Butetown, Cardiff (Wales) working on the images for his DEEP, a body of work that explored “the contientious issue surrounding British mixed-heritage identity”.

From Wikipedia: “Commonly known as “Tiger Bay“, this area became one of the UK’s first multicultural communities with people from over 50 countries settled here by the outbreak of World War I, working in the docks and allied industries.”

Despite experiencing what he’s called a “brutal” switch from analogue to digital photography, Cooper is using successfully social media to revisit this project 15 years later:

Right now, I’m in the process of raising funds to begin work on the second part of the Docks project which will concentrate on the effects of the redevelopment on the area post 1995. Earlier this year, I started tracking down all those involved via Facebook. The new work will concentrate on them and their children.

Be sure to follow Cooper’s moving photo-documentary work; an invaluable archive on the subject of mixed-heritage people living in Britain.

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