Street Photography Now Project Leverages Social Media

While browsing another web site today I came across this year-long project that I thought was a unique and ambitious way of merging social media (Flickr) with photography.

The Street Photography Now Project invites photographers around the world, of any level to shoot and submit their street photography, guided by the direction of contemporary street photographers.

For example, the most recent instruction by Nils Jorgensen posted on October 15th is: Take a bus. Do weekly shopping. Pop into a public loo.

This project is like taking a virtual photo class with multiple instructors and an innumerable amount of classmates around the world from which to receive feedback. I wouldn’t consider myself a street photographer but this project is almost too fun to pass up and since I have a Flickr account, I’ve already signed up. If you’re looking for inspiration to get past your “photographer’s block”, why not give this project a try?

And I agree with Nils, the bus can be a great way to discover a city/town, even if its familiar to you. A recent bus trip in Brooklyn inspired me to take this photo titled “Forgive Yourself“.

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