Fresno Bee Article: “Saroyan in black and white”

By Felicia Cousart Matlosz / The Fresno Bee

For all his fame as a writer, William Saroyan also cut a compelling figure on film. In photographs, to be exact.

The dashingly handsome face of his youthful days aged into the countenance that many Fresnans remember from the writer’s later years in his native city. The longish hair. The drooping, walruslike mustache. The long, wide sideburns. The deep, piercing eyes. The serious look of an artist.

It’s that familiarity that makes a photo exhibit of Saroyan in Armenia an interesting insightful slice of the writer’s life. The 40-plus black-and-white photos, displayed on the first and second floors at City Hall, were taken by Boghos Boghossian.

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PHOTO: Boghos Boghossian

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