Multicultural Artists Featured at Helsinki Photography Festival 2009

Opening January 21-24, 2009 in Helsinki, Finland. Among other events, the 4-day opening of the 2009 Helsinki Photography Festival includes 2 main exhibitions:

1. Aletheia – Positions in Contemporary Photographies (January 23 – March 22), presented at Meilahti Art Museum, revisits and reexamines fundamental questions regarding photographic practices and the photographic medium – including the very possibility of a medium – and their roles and impact within contemporary culture.

Participating artists include: Renaud Auguste-Dormeil, Francois Bücher, Maria Hedlund, Nanna Hänninen, Emily-Jane Major, Oscar Muñoz, Chino Otsuka, Liisa Lounila, Marja Pirilä, Jari Silomäki, Michael Wesely, Richard Whitlock and Kimiko Yoshida.

Tense Territories – Contemporary Aspects on Territorial Behaviors
(January 22 – May 24), a set of four personal exhibitions at The Finnish Museum of Photography.

Participating artists are Mohamed Bourouissa (Courtesy Gallery Les filles du calvaire, Paris/Brussels), Sini Pelkki, Carrie Schneider and Sauli Sirviö.

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