National Geographic 2008 All Roads Photography Program

Rena EffendiAll Roads is a National Geographic initiative created to provide an international platform for indigenous and underrepresented minority-culture artists to share their cultures, stories, and perspectives through the power of film and photography.

Here are the four photographer All Roads Photography Program 2008 Awardees:

Alejandro Chaskielberg (Argentina)
The High Tide: Native Islanders and the Community of the Paraná River Delta

Rena Effendi (Azerbaijan)
Khinaliq Village: A Staircase to the Sky 2003-2006

Khaled Hasan (Bangladesh)
Living Stone: A Community Losing Its Living Environment

Farzana Wahidy (Afghanistan)
Afghan Women

Also check out the recently launched National Geographic’s All Road’s Film Project 2008 film festival or buy DVD collections of the past year’s films.

PHOTO: Mother and daughter inside a baking room. Rena Effendi/Agency Photographer RU

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