Photographer Interview: Patricia Voulgaris

Photographer Interview: Patricia Voulgaris

From the series Fragments Copyright Patricia Voulgaris
D&B: Where are you from and where do you live/work now?
PV: I currently live and work in New York.

Tell us about how you came to photography.
I took a photograph class in high school and instantly fell in love with the medium. I have been creating photographs ever since.

From the series Fragments
Copyright Patricia Voulgaris

Your latest series Fragments is completely different from your other, more “straight” photography. Was there a shift in your conception of the photographic image?
In Fragments and in my previous work I was always interested in exploring the concept of memory. I began to realize that I needed more control over my subjects in order to fully express my theory. The two projects are both different in form, but are connected with the same intention.

Why do you think “memory” is such a popular theme amongst photographers?
I think most photographers are obsessed with preserving memories. We take photographs in order to preserve a specific moment in time. Photographers and artists are gifted in that fact that we have the ability to both record and create history. We all want to be remembered in some shape or form.

From the series Fragments
Copyright Patricia Voulgaris

Can you describe the process of making the images in the Fragments series?
I mainly build sets and photograph them. Every photograph is treated differently, I rarely work in a set way. Sometimes I include a model and work around them. Each photograph is built around a concept.

Are there any photographers whose work you couldn’t live without? 
Tons! Thomas Demand, Daniel Gordon, Taryn Simon, Nan Goldin, Peter Hujar, Diane Arbus, Man Ray, Roger Ballen, and many more.

From the series Fragments
Copyright Patricia Voulgaris

Where/what is your favorite place to experience photography?
I would love to make more photographs in Europe.

What are three things that help you sustain your art practice?
Criticism, positive friends, and lots of inspiration.

From the series Fragments
Copyright Patricia Voulgaris

Best advice you’ve gotten about being an artist/photographer?
The best advice I have gotten about being a photographer was when I attended the School of Visual Arts. My teacher freshman year told me to just “make the work.” It has always stuck with me.

What’s next for you?
I recently received a residency from The Camera Club of New York. I am really excited to start creating a new body of work while I am there!

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