SLUM-TV wants to documents the lives of the people in the slum and to reevaluate these lives through the camera. A camera always attracts attention. Our partners from the slum film and document the life in Mathare. The small movies are then shown in public places in Mathare, like a newsreel. In Mathare, there exist a variety of self-established cinemas. Mostly American and African films and European football is shown there.

Analogous to weekly news-shows in the early age of television our partners want to show their contributions in these cinemas, and maybe to charge a small entree fee in order to finance videotapes and other material. Copies of the videos are sent to Vienna. We will also try to distribute them under “Creative Common” licenses. That means non profit orientated community TV’s could use material for free, but has to name authors. All other users would have to pay. From the proceeds the manufacturers in the slums benefit again.

Visit the SLUM TV website for more info.

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