Weekly Roundup: Dayanita Singh’s Museums, Ethopia’s Photo Festival and More

Weekly Roundup: Dayanita Singh’s Museums, Ethopia’s Photo Festival and More

From the series Myself Mona Ahmed
Copyright Dayanita Singh

Dayanita Singh at Art Institute Chicago
A self-proclaimed “bookmaker working within photography,” Indian artist Dayanita Singh’s work is on view at the Art Institute Chicago. On display will be Singh’s portable “Museums”—large wooden structures that can be opened and placed in various architectural configurations, each holding 70 to 140 photographs that span her artistic oeuvre. Work displayed within the installation include images from her earliest photographic series Myself Mona Ahmed (1989–2001), which chronicles her friendship with an outcast eunuch Singh met on assignment in 1989.

Addis Foto Fest 2014
December 7 – 14, 2014
Now in its third installment, the Addis Foto Fest was founded by photographer Aida Muluneh whom we’ve previously interviewed here on Dodge & Burn. This year the main objective of the festival is to explore the notion of image through a global framework. Check the website for info on how to submit work for consideration.

From the series Living Under the Trees
Copyright David Bacon

Young, At Work in the Fields by David Bacon
Most young farmworkers in California are from Mexico. Photojournalist David Bacon chronicles their lives and the dangers of this kind of labor where on average, these indigenous families from Oaxaca make $13,000 a year. In Bacon’s words: “People think of farm labor as physically demanding, and it is, but it is also skilled work and, more importantly, socially necessary. Nevertheless, the way immigration and labor, especially farm labor, are presented in the media and government is extremely divorced from reality. This project is therefore a reality check.”

14 year old Sabah Abu Ghanim, Gaza’s famous girl surfer, waits to catch a wave.
From the series Occupied Pleasures
Copyright Tanya Habjouq

Occupied Pleasures: Scenes of Everyday Life in Palestine
Photographer Tanya Habjouqa shows us beautiful images of the daily lives of Palestinians that we don’t often get to see because the dominant, mainstream media favors more violent narratives. See more of Habjouqa’s unique documentary that she made while pregnant with her second child – via WIRED magazine’s Raw File blog.

Bronx Documentary Center Kickstarter
In the next 12 months, the Center is planning an exhibition of Benedict J Fernandez’s historic work on the American civil rights movement, a group show of emerging Mexican photographers, and an exhibition of Carlos Javier Ortiz’s project on gun violence. It will also organise 30 film screenings and discussions, and a summer outdoor movie screening in the Bronx’s housing projects. Help fund their campaign!


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