British Black Panthers Exhibit in Brixton, UK

Former British Black Panthers Linton Kwesi Johnson (left) and
Neil Kenlock (right).

Organised Youth Present: The British Black Panthers
Photofusion Gallery
October 12-26, 2013

In Britain, Black History Month is celebrated in October, an event established 26 years ago. And while the country’s celebration of black history is argued by some to be quite pitiful, a group of youth in the London neighborhood of Brixton have created a unique tribute to the British Black Panthers. Did you even know there was a British chapter of the Black Panthers movement? I didn’t until today.

The show at Photofusion Gallery is curated by The Organised Youth project, a group of 13-25 year olds who were inspired by the youthful activism of the British Black Panthers and hoped to present their history to a new generation.

The members of The Organised Youth project have really done a ton of research and complied these great “Oral History interviews” with former British Black Panther members Altheia Jones-LeCointe, Farrukh Dhondy, Beverley Bryan, Kenrick Goppy and more. I will definitely be listening to these interviews since I can’t make it across the pond to view the exhibit.

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