2008 HMF International Film/Media Festival & Conference

New York City, December 10-14, 2008

Featuring a photographic gallery opening and exhibition, from among the world’s greatest international artists and photojournalists, both to explore critical humanitarian crises and subject matter, but to raise funds for the issues themselves.

The mission of the HMF, upon its launch May 1, 2008, seeks to tap into the power of the media—film, both documentary and narrative; art and music; print, web, television, and photojournalism—and extend their influence more broadly, so that humanitarian issues are not just covered in brief articles, commercials, profiles, or soundbytes, but can be explored and given context, so that their importance is more widely known. With greater knowledge, more people in positions of authority and influence can then also be drawn in to be part of the dialogue, so that such issues are not just lamented, but perhaps some constructive and creative answers can be illuminated among those with the greatest capacity to make a difference.

To this end, the HMF will be enlisting the involvement and partnership of news agencies, journalists, filmmakers, writers, artists, international NGO’s, figures in international policy, and international philanthropy–among others–to bring attention to areas of humanitarian importance and to act as a conduit among them, so that collaborations and exchanges of ideas might more easily take place.

Read more about the HMF online.

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