UNICEF Photo of the Year International Award

Highlihgts some really poignant photojournalism by both emerging and established photographers.

The series by freelance photographer Stephanie Sinclair on the topic of child brides in Afghanistan is both enlightening and frightening. Her photos really convey the fear and bewilderment of these young girls sold by their families to men who are old enough to be their fathers.

I applaud these (mostly European and American) photographers for braving their own lives to document those of such oppressed/depressed communities of color around the world. At the same time, I have to wonder – why were no photographers of color honored? I find it hard to believe there were no submissions from this underrepresented group…

Criticism aside, the work of these photographers truly drive home the fact that the children of third world countries are in dire situations. Robbed of their innocence and poisoned at such an early age, their lives speak volumes to the future of these countries as they go on to become adults.

You can view the images of each winner on the UNICEF Photo of the Year International Award website.

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