Rachel Mozman’s CCNY Darkroom Residency Solo Exhibition

Copyright Rachelle Mozman

Opening Reception: Friday, February 8, 2013  | 6-8pm 
On View: February 8 – 25, 2013
The Camera Club of New York
The Arts Building
336 West 37th Street, Suite 206
New York, NY 10018-4212

La Negra y su Pequeña, a solo exhibition by 2012 CCNY Darkroom Resident Rachelle Mozman, shows recent work that develops on Mozman’s fascination with self and familial identity. This exhibition marks the second of four solo exhibitions from the recipients of the 2012 CCNY Darkroom Residency Program.

Rachelle Mozman says about La Negra y su Pequeña “…the pictures read as a chapter within my series Casa de Mujeres. The images describe La Negra, as she transitions to the United States with her younger daughter Pequeña. La Negra is the darker twin sister in Casa de Mujeres. The character Pequeña is a construction played by my mother and myself. It is my mother’s body and my face digitally blended together that makes her. In this work, both La Negra and Pequeña struggle with the shift in identity that immigrating to a small town in the United States stirs in them. The conflict is in attempting to assimilate to a new culture, where the history of color and the distinction in class transforms how they see themselves. The new culture they are now in becomes a powerful internalized voice that gets acted out upon.” 

“This work is based on an interpretation of my own family history. The character La Negra is based on family. Her move to a small southern town in Virginia and her integration through marriage into a North American family as a Latina woman is the base of these pictures. Although Pequeña is a fictional character, she represents my mother who made the move with her.” 

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