American Photography #24 Book

Rwanda Genocide Survivor photo by Myriam Abdelaziz A Photo Editor blogger says the “American Photography book has always been a very prestigious publication to be in. Most Photo Editors and Creative Directors keep a reference copy above the desk.”

Browse the entries by “selected” (featured in book) and “chosen” (picked
but didn’t make the book) photographers of the American Photography #24 book competition.

Apparently the American Photography – American Illustration annual party is one of the best networking events for photographers, editors and other industry folks. Check out Andrew Hetherington’s blog post about it.

Some photographers/photos of note are French/Egyptian
Myriam Abdelaziz portraits of Rwanda’s genocide survivors, Christopher Anderson’s coverage of Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, Kim Badawi‘s series on NYC gay/transgender community, among others.

PHOTO: Noelle Musabyirema, one from “Portraits of a Genocide,” March 1, 2007, a survivor from the 1994 mass extermination of ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutu sympathizers in Rwanda. The largest atrocity during the Rwandan Civil War, estimates put the death toll between 800,000 and 1,000,000. Copyright Myriam Abdelaziz

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