Camera Club of New York’s Photographer Conversation Series

Camera Club of New York’s Photographer Conversation Series

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Fellow ICP-Bard MFA alum Nandita Raman has been conducting what she’s described as a “running conversations with threads” series on the Camera Club of New York (CCNY) blog. Describing the goal of the conversations she hosts, Raman writes:

Threads can be long and winding, in fact it can be an effort to keep them straight. They tie things together and they also get into perplexing entanglements. Conversations are threads sometimes, where surprising connections are possible. Instead of writing about art, I feel the more urgent question is how to live an examined life as an artist? 

It’s an old question but hopefully not a redundant one. In the course of two months, I will invite artists to talk about what nurtures them as people. What sort of communities do they seek? How do they support art making? What are their current concerns and challenges? 

Raman presents a streaming audio file for each conversation along with images and video of the selected artist’s work – check out the links below:

Thread #1 – Qiana Mestrich
Thread #2 – David Gagnebin-de Bons
Thread #3 – Rony Maltz (also an ICP-Bard MFA alum)
Thread #4 – Kay Walkowiak

If you would like to engage with Raman, she invites photpgrahers/artists to contact her at ramannandita[at]gmail[dot]com

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