Additional Support for Elia Alba’s “The Supper Club” Photo Book Campaign

Artists of Elia Alba’s The Supper Club

Congratulations to multi-media artist Elia Alba who has reached the funding goal towards her photo book project, The Supper Club!

Additional funds raised will go towards hiring a book designer. There’s one more day left before Elia Alba’s The Supper Club campaign on USA Projects ends – check it out and help if you can!

Here’s Alba’s description of the project:

“My current project, The Supper Club, started off as a response to Vanity Fair Magazine’s, Hollywood edition. Wouldn’t it be great to do an archival publication that frames artists as celebrities, transforming their identities into iconic, fantastical images. The artists will be the source material, and their practice the subject matter. It is really the artist’s work, what they have to say or bring into the conversation of art that becomes noticeable first, then the artists themselves become what they do. The book will ultimately contain 50 portraits of contemporary artists of color, which I will photograph. Each artist will have his or her own moniker as a way to define each figure within this community of exceptional creative voices. For example, LaToya Ruby Frazier is The Braddonian; Jacolby Satterwhite, The Body Electric; Brendan Fernandes, The Linguist; Rajkamal Kahlon, The Grotesque; Irvin Morazan is The Shaman; Angel Otero, The Romantic; Mickalene Thomas is The Female Gaze; Lorraine O’Grady is The Trailblazer…”

Personally I’m super excited for this book because it will photographically immortalize some of my favorite artists like Lorraine O’Grady.

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