Visionary Africa: Art at Work

© Ali Abdel Mohsen (Egypt)
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The last stop of this traveling exhibit is Cairo, Egypt where the pavilion will be up at Al Azhar Park from February 15th through March 7th, 2012.

Co-curator and designer of the pavilion, architect David Adjaye had this to say about the philosophy and concepts of Art at Work:

“My concept for these pavilions is based on the notion that they represent a molecular unit for the design of an art space. Each pavilion is intended to be self-sufficient (they could not be rendered simpler without becoming ineffective), and each provides a very direct way of intervening in the public realm to make new art accessible to a wider audience. The reason for working at this level is that it is between the state, which provides institutional spaces, and the commercial market with its private galleries. For the state, art is a political project, focused on issues of culture and identity, while for galleries, art is about money and value: in either case, art practice is restricted. Our idea is to talk about art and work, with the intention of supporting civil society in a wide range of locations.”

To experience the effect that this unique photography show had on the public, watch this video of the Art at Work pavilion as it was installed in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in 2011.

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