Photographer Interview: Prescott McDonald

Photographer Prescott McDonaldView Prescott McDonald’s fashion and portrait photography.

Where are you from?
I am originally from Brooklyn, New York.

How did you get started in photography – any “formal” training? I started interning at a newspaper Sun Sentinel while attending High School. I soon realized how much I loved to photograph people and capturing moments. I followed my passion for photography to Savannah College of art and Design in Georgia. I studied there for three years. After I visit home to New York one summer I started an internship with Annie Leiborvitz. I learned so much dueing that summer about production for shooting advertising jobs I was blown away. These were skills I was not learning at art school. Fortunately the art schools are teach it to the students now.

What cameras or techniques do you use? I shoot the majority of my assignments with a canon 1Ds. However for personal projects I tend to still shoot with film. for that I use my 4×5 Graflex. As for as technique I just shoot what makes me happy and hopefully the client as well be happy as well.

Who are your mentors (in photography)? Annie Leiborvitz, Dorthea Lang, Peter Beard, Bruce Weber, Helmut Newton, David Bailey and to many more to name.

Have you experienced any setbacks or different treatment along your photography career that you would attribute to being a photographer of color? (this question is optional) Any set backs I my have hit along the way have been my own doing. I feel were there is a will there is always a way to succeed.

When did you realize you could make a living at photography? Describe your journey towards becoming a pro. When I felt like what I’ve been shooting was relevant. When great fee back was coming back from prospective clients. Also my book and site were moving around without me forwarding it.

What do you hope to achieve with your photography? I just want to take great pictures and share what I see with the world.

What’s your dream photography project?
My dream job is shooting a editorial spread for Vanity Fair magazine or shooting a campaign Barney’s.

What are you shooting now? I am presently working on getting back to my documentary roots. So am working on two personal art projects. One is dealing with obesity and the other is about people that work on the streets.


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    Presscott is a boring photographer better suited for day jobs like studio management. Should stick to working for photographers.

    Is your obesity documentary project a series of self-portraits?

    I love the internet.

    Also, Dorothea Lange was your mentor? Thats interesting considering she died before you were born. I think you meant “influence” not “mentor”, but in that case you probably should have spelled her name right. Annie’s too.

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