Cat Vinton: 2007 Travel Photographer of the Year

The first woman to win the travel photography award, Cat Vinton impressed the judges with her images of the nomadic tribes the Sami and the Mongols in Norway and Mongolia.

Getting her start after spending 2 years in the People’s Democratic Republic of Lao as a freelancer for the United Nations, a craving for a life of freedom has fueled Vinton’s fascination with the world’s nomadic peoples.

Cat Vinton’s unique style is her bold ability to mix the different photographic disciplines of fashion, travel and documentary without specializing in any one, affording her limitless assignment options. She hopes to someday shoot the Dalai Lama for her Wizard of Oz-inspired “Red Shoes” project.

Read “Cat Vinton – An Interview With A Photographic Nomad” at Magic Places Fine Art for an intimate conversation with the photographer herself.

See Cat Vinton’s photography online.

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