Photographer Artist Xaviera Simmons Explores Spirituality in Art

Xaviera Simmons, Denver 2007A graduate from the Bard College photography program, Xaviera Simmons has received numerous awards, fellowships and residencies, from institutions such as the Whitney Museum and Public Art Fund. In previous works, Xaviera has used photography to create portraits in both constructed and natural environments that question African-American identities and their relationships to those settings. Her recent work in the PS: Parsing Spirituality group show reflects the “recent resurgence of spirituality in contemporary art”.

With aggressive technology growth, lack of concern for the suffering human condition and a general feeling of apocalyptic times; perhaps Xaviera’s work also reflects a reference for nature and yearning to return to a simple way of life.

You can see more photography by Xaviera Simmons at the PS: Parsing Spirituality group show running until February 17, 2009 at Affirmation Arts.

PHOTO: Denver, 2007 Copyright Xaviera Simmons

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